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A. Kent Van Cleave, Jr., Ph.D.

The intrapsychic taxonomy is a concept of self based loosely on the ancient Greek conceptualization of a human as composed of body, mind, and spirit. These pages present the basic concepts of the intrapsychic taxonomy, as well as demonstrate how it serves to integrate diverse theories of psychology across a number of perspectives. It has been 12 years since I put this information up, and my understandings have grown. I am presently rewriting from scratch.

This website also contains Files for Students and Instructors:

Files for student success teach students metacognitive process awareness in learning and in doing assignments

Learning resource folders for Class Slide Archives. This page branches off to pages holding slides and notes from some of the classes I have taught over the last 35 years. Currently, four class file archives have been posted: Social Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, and a compilation from several I/O psychology classes

Files supporting my approach to building student skills These files detail my teaching/learning/assessment model, as well as my explicit focus on building student learning skills and assignment competency. [Under Construction- No files yet]

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